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Published December 07, 2007

A fun comment I found at the Fake Steve Jobs blog.

One of the comments to a post about iCal on Fake Steve Jobs. Lol!

Apple today announced a partnership with rival Microsoft to allow all Windows-based software to run natively on OSX by incorporating Win32 code. Dubbed the “Cupertino-Redmond Application Programming Interface”, or “CRAPI”, it is being hailed as the universal answer to everything. “This is the biggest Apple partnership since the ROKR”, proclaimed CEO Steve Jobs. “I’m really looking forward to working with Microsoft’s CRAPI programmers”.

Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, was similarly optimistic. “The four most important things right now are CRAPI, CRAPI, CRAPI, CRAPI. We’ve already got tons of CRAPI developers lined up.” There was no word yet on how much CRAPI code had already been written, but it is rumored that Microsoft has been selling CRAPI products for some time.

Industry analyst Robert X Cringely took credit for correctly predicting this inevitable union in his blog. “It’s exactly what I thought it would be, ” he wrote, adding, “in a few years everything will be CRAPI, now that OSX is both a floor wax and a dessert topping.”

Yes, it’s a comment someone else wrote I didn’t write this. Seems pretty authentic. As in, it’s actually a comment to that post, not something someone else wrote. Haven’t been able to find that text elsewhere (through google).

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