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limedog - open source project manager

Published December 03, 2007

Starting my first real open source project. limedog – a project manager.

It can be found at google code.


I really want to achieve this. Yes, there’s plenty of other project managers around, but they’re either expensive (which is what I call things that’s not free), for software projects only (trac, collaboa, redmine, bla bla) or sucks (.project and all those ugly PHP apps).

I’m in love with Basecamp, but it’s not a basecamp clone. This one is a bit less simpler, so if you always though Basecamp was a bit too simple, this will probably be the app for yah. Like, task lists with statuses and update logs, project plans with Gantt-charts and so on.

Don’t expect this thing to be around next week, though, I’ll be hacking on this when I feel like hacking on this.

Contact me at august no space or dot lilleaas at google mail dot com if you want more.

(I love the way I’m writing in a way that makes it look like this blog actually have some readers besides myself.)

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