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Bitten by bits

Published June 27, 2014

Another post about the operating system project.

I'm at EuroClojure in Krakow and just arrived at my hotel room. I had an insightful conversation with one of my colleagues that are here at the conference with me. He made me realize that making the OS run on 64 bit is irrelevant to the POC I want to build. So since multiboot boots to 32 bit, my OS can be 32 bit, and that's OK. When I test with qemu, I give the machine 1 gig of RAM anyway.

I haven't worked on the OS at all the last month or so due to the prospect of having to grok how to transfer from 32 to 64. Another factor is installing a 32bit GCC on my 64 bit system. But for now, I think I'll solve that by just installing GCC in a 32bit virtual machine.

P.S: The conference made me realize I need a new laptop. My Thinkpad T420s is routinely completely powered down when I'm not using it, since the battery drains super-fast in suspend. Really annoying. Perhaps other newer thinkpads are better, such as a Carbon. I'm seriously considering getting an 11" Air or 13" Pro, though.

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