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Published March 18, 2014

So much to learn! Currently working on creating a runnable kernel image for HALT. It will be formatted with efi, loaded into physical address 0, and jumped to. To ensure I have at least some clue what actually happens, I need a debugger. I've never used gdb before, so there's a lot of hurdles there. I also need to load and compile the boot loader and the kernel with debug symbols, so I can refer to things by the same name as it has in the code. I also need to figure out how to actually know where in qemu things are loaded. I can't just use address 0 in the qemu process of course, I have to ask qemu about its mapping so I know where in qemu's memory the emulated memory is stored. When this is solved, it should as far as I can tell be straight forward gdb (i.e. stuff I find on Google is relevant to me) but I have to jump through these hoops to get there.

It would have been cool to automate some of the testing, too. A test that compiles the boot loader and the kernel, fires it up in qemu, and probes the qemu machine memory for various states would be a nice integration test. Qemu is of course a very controlled environment, so after reading The Night Watch, I realize I'm not looking forward to debugging on actual hardware. But I have a feeling testing on actual hardware won't happen until at least a year from now, so I won't lose any sleep over that just yet.

So, parsing EFI and gdb-ing a qemu process (that runs an uefi "bios") is on the list of required things to learn for me now. One of the goals of the project are to learn stuff, so I'm not complaining.

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